Musical Instruments Poem by Chris Goss

Musical Instruments

A trumpet makes you bloody lump it
A drum makes you musically hum
A saxophone rewards a dog with a bone
A piano is very good at letting you know
A guitar spends most of his life in a bar
A recorder like all it papers in order
An organ has a donor card for its organ
A bassoon likes blowing up a balloon
A flute robs banks and takes all the loot
A tambourine thinks it's a King reign
A gong thinks it is a raging King Kong
A spoon likes tapping out a tune
A tangerine spends most of its life dreaming
As cymbal when sowing is a thimble
A triangle simply has the best angle
A cello thinks it's the best fellow
A piano is simply in the know
A keyboard when it's played to much it's bored
A violin thinks it's Vera Lynn
A harp flyes in a galactic warp
A banjo just loves to say hello
A bell just simply wants to tell
A clarinet will take on any bet
A bagpipe thinks all other instruments are hype
A recorder sells anything to order
A bell is so friendly it likes to tell
A bassoon likes behaving like a fool
A double bass is top of the class

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