Lizards Wizards Poem by Chris Goss

Lizards Wizards

Some live on the prairies
Some supply dairies
Some live in savannas
Some live on the plains
Giraffes have all the laughs
Cows just don't know how
Dogs are always the greedy hogs
Cats wear very fancy hats
Sheep drive around in open jeeps
Lions make strongest metal irons
Polar bears just really don't care
Seals sell the best shop deal
Lizards are the flashiest wizards
Buffaloes are simply the best fellows
Hippos make the softest pillows
Crocodiles travel for miles an miles
Alligators are the best serving waiters
Hogs just want to stay in their bogs
Tigers are the wily survivors
Moose are just on the merry loose
Elephants keep dropping their pants
Rhinos best at blowing their noses
Bison go around with no clothes on
Zebras are a always called Deborah
Wildebeest make the best yeast
Gazelles make the deepest wells
Cheetahs obviously best cheaters
Pumas spread all the rumours
Bison with their Sunday best on
Pigs who gloriously dance jigs
Hyenas make the finest diners
Llamas are the best calmers
Camels just can't help but smell
Boars that make the best oars
Bats that make the neatest hats
Gorillas make the finest grills
Monkeys that cut the best keys
Orangutans just have the widest hang

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