Mutual Need Poem by PRAVEEN KUMAR English Poems

Mutual Need

Needs are the seeds of deeds
And deeds build the world;
World, springboard of needs,
And needs feed more needs;
All is needs in this world,
Roots are needs, fruits are needs,
Moves from one to the next are needs.

You are my need; I am, yours,
We are afloat on the same trough of needs,
In same broth hot together
Though on different poles of the Earth,
Far and distant like north and south,
Though in embrace holding each
In the field of tender grace,
Entangled like flame and light
Across miles thousands and more
Beyond physical laws and rules.

A wonder we are,
A wonder our needs
For each other;
Physical rules have no roles,
Physical laws never rolls
Over our needs.

When you smile there,
I smile over here;
When you grieve there,
I shed tears here,
Though no bridge between us,
No telescopes covering us;
No air or wind covers us,
No cloud in sky connects us,
Yet we hear each other's cry,
Rise and fall at each other's behest
As if hold each other's hands
From thousands of miles.

It is not in dreams, not a fancy,
What we find day and night,
All through years that kept us away;
A cosmic subtle dance
Plays between us
Oblivious of space
And ignoring time length;
Whence it sprightly sprang
But from our needs,
We certainly can't perceive;
Our mutual needs in wings
Beyond the time and space,
So bound us together?
Need is a fierce force,
Faster than mind;
Need, furious flame,
Engulfing time and space
That stands between us;
Needs bind us in eternal leash
For unending aeons.

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