My Blessing Poem by Tamra Craft

Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin

My Blessing

Rating: 5.0

Tiny flutters fill my eyes with tears

A happiness I never thought I could feel.

This is the kind of love I have read about

But never believed was real.

My every moment is now filled with devotion.

My number one concern is this tiny being.

All I can think of is holding this tiny heartbeat.

It is the only face I dream of seeing.

I have learned to take better care of my self

For I am the host of their future.

And I now realize every choice I make

Has the power to make or break him or her.

Though I have looked on at many mothers

And saw this special something in their eyes,

I never could have guessed at the power of that love,

That I could be surrounded by heroes in disguise.

I now give all those mothers in the world

Their unspoken and long due respect,

Because now I am also filled with

That same blissful duty to protect.

To nurture their tiny hopes and dreams,

To kiss and hug every tear into a smile.

To chase away their fears and hold them close

To walk beside them for every mile.

I no longer walk through life naïve,

Wondering what I was put here for.

My children have answered that for me,

They have filled my life with so much more.

I will never again worry about my future

Because all their tiny happiness’ pave the way.

My success is in their every joy and achievement

And in every single breath they take.

I will always feel sorry for any woman

That has never been blessed with the love

That can stem from the tiniest mouth crying

And the tiniest hands they’ve ever touched.

Before I felt the biggest love for someone

Whose face I had never seen

I could not have claimed to know anything

About what love or life really means.

Before a tiny kick brought joy to the rest of my day,

Before one date on the calendar meant everything.

My life was never what it was supposed to be

Something profoundly important was missing.

The Journey to being a mother has changed me.

Every time I look at them I swell with pride.

I no longer harbor anymore regrets

Because every choice I made brought them into my life.

Even though I know I have and will make mistakes,

In a heart beat, I would do every single thing over

Because no other success could fulfill me more completely

Than the blessing of being their mother.


Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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