My Child Outside Of My Body And Thought

My child outside of my body and thought

I see a child
I see a child who has never been heart breaking to me
A chid who listen when I am say wake up for your work
A child who lead me to good decision
I see a child who has never let me down

The hideous kid
A invisible child
He can listen
He can see
He can smile, cry and move while I am asleep
Oh my child you are surprising
You were there even before I came to earth
You taught me to live love and tolerate
You are a child who does not refuse to make do whatever I want at any time
You can be my cornerstone in the night, during the day and even under the water

You are an everlasting child
Even to those who are old
You still remain to remind them who they are and how they use to be.
They are getting old and you remain to be forever young
Until I say goodbye to the world
My soul is the marvelous child
I am in love with my soul
My soul is my kind of trustworthy friend

People may hate me and take me for granted
People may swear, spectorate and even hit me
But my soul shall always remain to comfort me
I don't need therapist to rub over me
I don't need artificial aids to supplement my brains
I don't need to think irrational of all the wrong and jealousy that they do to me
I put my hope in my soul
And that is why I am gonna not get mess with everyone who is seeking to become my enemy
Because I don't wanna abuse my soul
I put my hope in my soul
My soul knows where all the evil and righteousness shall dwell
I don't know how to kiss my soul I would kiss it time after time
I don't know how to sacrifice to my soul I would give it billions of rands
How ever I do not drink, smoke and making noise perhaps that is why I feel my soul so sweet
Ladies stand up on top of your buildings
Or even open up the huge sterio radio with microphone
And say sorry to my enemies
I did not realize that there is new kind of my friend who could never betray me like soul
My soul is my new lover
Please stand up and danse while you thinking about your soul
And sing the song of the soul
My soul, you are so pure
You have never embarrassed me
I used to amke problems and make troubles
But yiu have never showed off with me i public
Today I have come to realize that now one loves me except you
You are the reason why I am here
I am here because of you
You take me high high high
And when my BP is high you take me low low low
So hig and low: High and Low
My soul is my comforter
Good mornig my soul
Please say goodbye to my enemies
You and I are going to far
Whether one like it or not
What a wonderfulk child you are
Achild eho has never let me down
Live longer and come back to tell me where is the source of your secret
I feel the dropp of juicy sarliva coming out of my mouth
That is the indication of the love I have with my soul
I beg to remain your humble servat
I love you my holy spirit
I love you Jesus Christ

Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 5, 2009

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