My Dreams Are Born

Ladies and Gentlemen

There is nothing more than an idea whose time has come
Durkheim knows that and everybody knows that
Thanks to Andrew Heywood for defining to us what is meant by the term democracy
The rule of people by people and for people
In South Africa Jackop Zuma was a Deputy President - for past 15 years of democracy

However he was not seen as somebody who might become president
He has was just an entertainer in the political field of ANC
The time came when the questions were being asked wether this person can serve as a president

The complains originate out of Organic Society

An organic Society that is an Industrialised and teach people to define according to their occupation
This is to say you are a nurse, engeneer and or pilot - often you must be educated

But all of that shall end today by means of a vote
Hold on: world hold on right now
Tonight is the night
The tables are overtuned - we are going to have a new South African President - who is democratically elected.
Thankyou to you Lincolin for teaching the universe about what does democracy means
Yesterday Jackop Zuma was taken for granted more especially by those who are highly educated
They a person who is not educated cannot lead the Parliament - he cannot become a president
But people kept on insisting that we want him to lead us and we don't care whether he is educated or not.
If you have been my poem reader and my true proponent you should also remember the poem: by the name South Africa The World's Greatest News.

Where I see a light burning inside of Jackop Zuma's Heart
Where I see some politicians trying to push him off the ruling party through trials and several charges that were all ought to be disapproved and it did indeed happen.
Today: 22 April 2009 is election day and people are going to confirm him to become the South African President - because he had already defeated many troubles and trebulations

However he was not alone in this battle and he does need to wake up in by the next morning or next week and say or I am the state president and I am very happy for that I have overrule my enemies.

There were more than millions people his battle
1 God himself who does not like gays and lesbians that cause his opponet Thabo Mbheki lost popularity

2American proponent who taught us what is democray: that is to say it is not about being educated that qualifies someone to become a president but it is the rule for people - theyare the ones who elect who is to lead.
3Who else can forget the power of Zwelinzima Vavi for observing that the charges that were thrawn to Jackp Zuma were just falsely created fantasy to obscure him from becoming a president

5 Latter on we had young tigers like South Africa honest Judges of the Judges - Van de Merwe and the lattest Judge who discover that there was political intervention in the Prospective President Jackop Zuma charges - and thereby lead to the ousting of immorral politician including Thabo Mbheki

6 Julius Malema is highly visible

Lastly I should like to conclude by my words of inspiratation that are directed to Jackop Zuma and any leader of the world.

If you are a leader you must not practice immorrality or get related in criminal in any way because the world is your facebook and you will repent over that.If you hate someone you must not use courts and or trial method to oust him because law is independent of political plot and it will show off with you all over the world.

Discrimination if you are a president is very bad whether it is covet or overt discrimination it will always pop out to show off the world how corrupt the world is.

The western world might be corrupt in terms of targeting the votes by allowing the anti-religous laws like allowing gayness and selling of sex - but in South Africa is mixture of Organic and Mechanical society that will not work - people are concious out there and they will pull you of the road like a scrabe yard car.

Whether a leader is corrupt or labelled corrupt when it comes to morality reasons peoplewill never side with things that are against God.
We might all be gay and corrupt but at the end of time we like our children not to follow from our example _ - why? I don't know

Jackop Zuma is a very trustworthy person in the history

Many politicians who were treated as dogs in the history were often prone to speak the secrets and embarrassment against their parties, quit the party and fprm their new party and that affect the state at large because the political riots rise up.
But Jackop Zuam has sort of love with tolerance our National Spear,

I hope in times of troubles and trebulations we shall need to revisit his way of life even over untill the earth sto to revolute around the sun - probably in 7 billion years still to come


VIVA Zwelinzima Vavi VIVA

VIVA Lincolin Viva

Viva Malema VIVa

Viva Howard College School of Humanity VIVa

VIVa Mshimane VIVA

Viva South African Lawyers and Judges VIVa


Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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