My Brthday

My birthday: 13th of April 1984

There shall be my birthday
I had so many birthday so many years
But none of my Birthday I had ever given it recognition.

But for the first time on the 13th of April 2008
I will pay a tribute to my birthday
I am expecting something from the Lord.
I want to see the moon meet the sun
I like to see my self rich
I will be a young calf
Everybody shall confess that 13th April is heroic bond

If I were my enemies, I should whisper to them to stop bothering me tomorrow

Because it shall be fire, storm, earthquakes and even outburst
That day shall be remarkable day? ?
There will be no more traffic movement
The king is born
There will be no more whispering: There will be complete silence
There will be no more poverty
There will be billions and billions of pounds in my life
I am not going to bothering my friends and my families to give me money again
I will get it from the Lord Jesus Christ.
I wonder who shall be lucky that others by tomorrow
I wonder who shall be able to come and touch my body
Because that person is going to share and confess these glory tomorrow
I am so pity who shall be unfortunate to die tomorrow
Because that person will not be able to see when the moon met the sky
He will miss the most wonderful moment
The moment when the rainbow will change all of it colours without the presence of the rain
The moment when there would be a thunderstorm without any cloud formation
Tomorrow is another day

Let me tell you something
You had seen many wonderful things in your life
Christmas day, New Year’s Day and Easter holiday
You have seen the many tragic
But tomorrow will be even more tragic
Yes the see will come out to meet the earth
Yes the fishes will come out to meet the land animals
I promise you they will talk, they will share my glory and they will sing and dance
The birds of the same feathers will flock together
Pleas ladies and gentlemen beware for TOMMORROW
Don’t say you had never had of this day
Because you might be one of those people who is the enemy of Jesus
You might be enemy of those who are successful
You must be one among other people who are Jealousy
You must be one of people among those who are against the will of God
Perhaps you must be one of those who are plotting killing other people
Wishing to give others with shave
Or you are whispering too much
You will never see the world
If I were you I should take a rope and hang myself off
Because if you are unrighteous: whether one like it or not
You will never see the earth tomorrow
Let me tell you something
There are some people who are going to lose their lives even before 12 o’clock this morning
Those are the people who are talking about me at a moment
Those are the guys who use to talk about me when I am in the church
Tomorrow is not a tragic killing of people
But it is the God’s party
He will remove goods and left the goods
You cannot imagine that all of these things will take place within three ours time
It will begin by 12: 00 this coming hour
And stop at one o’clock
It will then rise again by 9: 00 in the morning
And then stop at 10: 00
At 12: 00 there will be a huge devastation and more forceful devastation of all demons
After that don’t blame me but blame yourself
It was already said that in the last days of our lives there will be some very wonderful things to happen.
There will be liars, and they shall be killed
There will be incurable diseases and they all shall be killed
There will be some people who are living without any God’s faith and they will be killed
There will be worshippers of money and other Gods and they will be killed
There will be those who have no conscious of what is wrong and right they say to people
They shall be killed
There shall be extremely dangerous and jealous people and they shall be killed
There shall be whispers of no consciousness and they shall be killed
There shall be gays and the plebeians
And they shall be killed
There shall be those who are the church worshipers but still enjoying the sins
They will be killed
There will be those who are even not care about presence of other people and the God and they shall be killed even before 12: 00 this morning
Listen to the radio, watch at the television and even look outside
Immediately after 12: 00 the TV will give you some signs of what is going to happen tomorrow
Oh my Lord I am very pleased because as in a talking to you now there are those who are busy consuming my name
They don’t realize how the death of the Goliath was
I am not too mercy, I am not too pity, and am not hesitating
Lord I know you shall never betray me
Let your name clean the evil
Let your power save the will
When these happy events have happened I will appear tomorrow between the rainbow of the sun and the earth
I will praise the Lord and Say: In the beginning of this world
You were there my king Jesus
Before you it was blind, minute, silent and meaningless
That is why you have been able to silence my enemies within the period of three ours
I will sing the song as an ever child
I come with all of my full speed
There will be no more anyone to tell me about the gun, knife and killings
Because all of those things will e wiped out
Yes I am very angry
Yes I can feel the power to manifest killing
But I cannot do it
Because you have told me for four several times
That father you are my Lord
I walk with an arch
The arch knows the direction
I am being pushed to the glory
The angels are waiting but they cannot see me
I am also sensing the glory but I cannot see it
But as long as I am holding my arch I will end up in the right place
Because your angels can see the cross yet they cannot see me
They are watching it in a griming anticipation
Because they realize that out of it there comes the hero
The hero who has besides anything concurred the death
The hero who has killed and conquest the devil
Lord I am waiting to see the glory
I wonder what my mother will say tomorrow
Because I am millions bodies tomorrow
I will be at home, at school in town, in America and every where, simultaneously
That will happen
In the name of Jesus
It will not end there: ever year of my birthday it will always be like that
Hello my birthday Hello
Who was born with this day?
I wish you should be there

Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 12, 2008

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  • Jurietta DuraanJurietta Duraan (4/12/2008 5:25:00 PM)

    A very long poem, but nevertheless captivating and full of spirit! happy birthday from a fellow Durbanite!

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