My Coat Of Skin Is Wearing Thin Poem by David Lacey

My Coat Of Skin Is Wearing Thin

They mingle at dusk, awaiting the fluidity dawn to kiss the sky
And breathe new breath into the blue.
The spirits of the mountains, coated in ice upon their crowns
And moss upon their feet drift amongst the valleys,
Taking whatever form they wish.

Every love I have ever known
Hath shown no love in return.
I remain alone.
At home within my shell
Un touched by the lips of love
Attempting through redemption
To rebuild A new and beatific Heaven
From the ruins of Hells mansion..

At first the pain would burn
Then, slow and languid expressions of
Solitude would turn into a lapsed repression
Leaving me lost within the looking glass
Seeking honour in the eyes of a demon.

I remain alone
Tearing flesh from the bones of my form
Hiding from the reality grotesque
And rotting that would be enforced
Upon my love by those outside my asylum insanity.

What horror is this?
What strange a life that never should I kiss
The girl in whom I could imbue bliss with a poets smile.

My coat of skin is wearing thin
And still I’m drowning, unable to swim
Nor to keep afloat upon the waters of the sleepless deep.

Creeping upon the walls of my garden sanctuary
Are the shadows of the reaper grim and looming.
Three worlds beckon from beyond the shades
As fond ghosts re enact long lost memories
Of springtime joy within the heart of the boy I am,
A boy lost in the shadow of the man I should be.

No freedom from thought can save me now,
Nor as a worm cut dying may I forgive the farmers plough
For here I am remain,
Bathing in an ocean of pain
Sour to the taste of the serpent’s tongue
Crying at so young an age
That each page should turn and I should remain
Within a sanctuary of solitude
That does naught but feed an attitude
Of remorse for a prince lay fading
Into the shades of kingdoms crown.

Here I am a clown,
A fool in need of schooling.
Fuelling depression with an expression
Of lament for a love still breathing.

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