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My Dad Passed Away

AT the city GRAVEYARD he rests Alone, by himself he passed away To the other world Leaving everyone behind him. Suddenly he left and to eternal rest He went, but he left his good deeds. For ever he made his final trip Not accompanied by none. They carried his dad previously rested His soul went back to the Creator once more. In the world of the dead rested among The other dead people's graves. Inside the grave there is another world We don't know what's going on in there. My dad, I write down saying: 'I miss you all time.' I do remember you Never forgetting you ever in my life. Inside the graveyard I looked for you After I came back from a long trip. Childhood's memories came back to my mind. The thing-The death happened in April 24th,2011 It was my saddest day, ah! A great dad passed away Something happened like a dream. I wished I could see him and have a kiss On his cheeks, a final one, but it was in vain. Alas! This world is earthly and Death never waits. Sadness overcomes my whole powers. Everyone loved you including me And you departed so fast. To me, you the dearest among all our relatives. Indeed you were a great and wonderful man. This earthly world not yours any more . People, in our world, still coming and going And the time goes on Life never stops And your deeds only remain a memory To me and to everyone. My dad, bye, bye! In heaven, your soul rests.

My dad passed away and I was not available at that time.It was a sad moment for me.I just wanted to have this occasion not forgotten.