My Dearest Obiageli Poem by Ebuka Prince Okoroafor

My Dearest Obiageli

Let me sing of you my dearest Obiageli
of this reckless penchant that enslaves my lot
of your pride well clad in upright dignity
of your smiles that outshines bliss, Obiageli

let me breath your fragrance my morning gold
for to hide it longer i may not hold
let me voice the eloquence of your godessly beauty
let me drum and mistify you till my fingers run cold, Obiageli

do you hear the sweetness obiageli?
Of the descant of the lovely tree birds
of the soft whistling of the cool evening breeze
of the whispering of the peaceful moonlight
to the sons of mother nature that chirps at your sight

let me hold you my obiageli
let me write you every poem there is of merry
let me lay my life to purchase this your golden dignity
let me be the broken fate you brought to unity

I hear the earth hums your fame, obiageli
and the sun rises in gladness to kiss your supple skin
and the day wishes to remain bright and glimpse your adorable face
i'd say i have it all my Obiageli, for in my heart you subtly grace

Babatunde Aremu 07 August 2013

Well-penned. This is a cry for love. Great! Ps read my poems and comment

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