Should I Be Born Again Poem by Ebuka Prince Okoroafor

Should I Be Born Again

Should i be born again
Fresh without a silver spoon
When i'll escape this comfy world at noon
And yet wish for this moment's boon

Should i be born again
But where and when?
In the spreading savannahs of Africa
Will i know again of America?

Wonder land, dream land America
But no place like my Africa
Where every home is a theatre
And the good old lessons we learnt
Hold on even now that i'm soposedly spent

I'm free and old enough to die here
But buried not on mother land my spirits will not bear
For when my lot ïs still and cold
Will i see my fathers proud and bold

I will pack my books and laurels
And wear my dusty tradition with ruffled lapel
I will look me proudly in the mirror
And my grandchildren may think-he wants to jump off the window!

But i'll tell them(my grandchildren) before i go
I'll tell them those stories they already know
Then i think i'd have achieved my goal
To put back what from mother i stole

i'll be glad i told them
And wish to their children, they'll do the same
Then i'll dream of mother still being there
To sing me songs of the tortoise and the hare

Should i be born again
I would have fought and fought to the end of this old Eden
Through life's sea of placenta
And i'll cling to a womb that will bear me again in Africa.

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