My Depression

She told me that she had depression
I gave her my own secret confession,
I am also doleful, discouraged and blue
Like her, I have depression too.
For one, I am depressed with my single life
I am depressed that I have not a girlfriend or a wife,
Friends and family treat me like a sieve
Money to them, they want me to always give.
I hate the way that the world is
Says me, not a global or biblical analyst,
Racists and bigots are now everywhere
People they seem to hate, and they do not care.
I hate gluttony in any type or form
But, now to many that seems the norm,
They either eat and eat until they bust
Or they must own and own with a lust.
I know what is fake and I know what is real
I need not see a psychologist or take a mood pill,
It is people about me that are acting all strange
With their hatred and their hunger I wish that they would change.
People are now becoming so seedy
They are mean, they are fat, and they are greedy,
The only time that they wish me any type of luck
Is when I buy them a meal, or give them a buck.
Sometimes I wish to just runaway
But, where would I go and what would I say
Of course, I might be missed for a little bit
But, then soon my deeds and my name they'd forget.
I then told her, that I truly felt sorry for her
It's awful when sadness and unhappiness does occur,
Sometimes, I myself feel like I am trapped in a Hell;
I too have my own sadness, and depression as well.

Randy L. McClave

Friday, August 17, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: depression,lonely,sadness
A friend told me about her depression, so I wrote this poem.