My Dog Baby Girl Poem by jennifer hall

My Dog Baby Girl

It was a cool warm day when i opened the door and saw you standing outside. I called you babygirl, you slowly walked to me, you let me pet you, as you jumped into my lap and licked my face. I gave you dog treats to eat. I looked at your eyes and they were baby blue, your furr was black, and your chest was white. Your tail was curley like a curley frie. Youare a very happy puppy. I fell in love with you. I gave you a place to sleep water to drink food to eat and lots of love. You became my companion, my best friend. I always said i love you and good morning and goodnight. You always liked to run and play in the leaves. You were my babygirl. You were my dog. You are the best dog i ever had and now i dont have you, they took you away from me. I cryed and cryed when they took you from me. But you will always be my baby girl. I miss you baby girl. You were very special to me and you will always have a special place in my heart.

dedicated to my dog baby girl....I love you

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