My Little Sister Poem by jennifer hall

My Little Sister

My little sister is
always there when you need her.
My little sister is the
best little sister ever
and i would not trade her for anything.
My little sister has
a way of making everyone
laugh when they have a bad day.
My little sister is one of a kind
My little sister is annoying to,
but i still love her anyways.
My little sister
is also my best friend.

Dedicated to my sister Megan I Love you 4 ever

**Pirate** Love*~Magic~Man 12 December 2008

i just got off the phome with my annoying lil sister today.and she just called to say a friend of mine died in a car crash: (

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Fiona Davidson 12 December 2008

That's what lil sisters are for...annoying but endearing too...well written...thank you.. PL sorry for your loss...

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ruqiya 07 April 2020

love your pome but i am the littel sister

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DEV RANA 17 July 2018

Good dedicated poem for sister I love it so much

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Susan Riva 29 November 2015

Perfect poem. Thank you for posting it. My older sister will love it.❤

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Kumarmani Mahakul 07 October 2014

My little sister is best sister. Nice affectionate sister. Lovely poem for your little sister and for all sisters. Nice job.

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Shraddha Lalan 06 January 2009

It's the best poem of sister I've ever read in my life! ! !

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