My Fiddler And My Master Poem by praneeth remidi

My Fiddler And My Master

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'Ooh my fiddler, my ill fated fiddler
In me and to me, thou can't be a traitor
Why do thou play only the sorrow string?
And probe sympathies and criticizing'

'I beg your excuse my master, my only master
To play sorrow strings is not my intention
For I do not have other strings to play
My master, please show me the way

I keep aside my ego and hold your feet
Do cease my breath else not hide me deep
In this one short life of yours I feel guilt
For I am helpless to give you any melodies'

'Hey my fiddler, I got you and fret not
Why feel sorry and shame for sorrows
Be proud that thou have taken
The ignored side of the life's coin

My fiddler, my unfortunate fiddler
Thou will always be my lover
Those sympathize and criticize are
Just acquaintances and are mere

My fiddler in me, feel not guilt
For this life might be one but lives are many
Why think for this one, let it pass
With the heart bearing all the cause

Ooh my fiddler, my foolish fiddler,
Is it on the melodies to me, thou worry?
Never, I have enough in my memory

Sing thy music, play thy instrument
With thy own tunes and notes
Why care for those who are not sought.
Even don't mind if thy breathes are short
And it is not a disease to weep
If thou are aware of thy sleep'

'My Master, listen agony in my prayers
And be with me for few more years,
The residence of a joyful heart
Is what I wish to be your next habitat.
And forgive me for my judgment'

To my master, my loving master - My soul
From your failure Fiddler - a fool

Srikanth Alli 10 June 2012

excellent..good one..clearly said about the feelings of Fiddler and Master

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