Missing Anklets Of The Spring Poem by praneeth remidi

Missing Anklets Of The Spring

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Where are those, thy beautiful anklets?
My spring, the queen of seasons

Are they lost or are they hidden
Are they missed or are they stolen
But who needs and knows those
As only I heard them so clear

The ghal sound from many tiny bells
comes into my heart and dwells

Live once in last season, and recollect
the mesmerizing music of anklets,
starting from the cracks in the deep dales
goes dancing on trees and seas
reaches the peaks of hill shades
drifts towards the skies, passes towards the horizons
and came to us from all sides
to make us feel the hug of heaven
and the kisses of pleasure

My lovely anklets, where do thou lie
I could hear the sound, it is about to die
When thy music spread across uniformly
on all sides, give me a hint of intensity

Behind which rock of which mountains
Among which leaves of which trees
Inside of which waves on which sees
Thou can be caught, my missed anklets

I part the branches and fold the leaves
I fall to pieces to swim in the seas
I face and tap my hands in waves
I pass by all the sky with my eyes
And put the earth through the sieves

Get those anklets back to me, my spring
start now and open your wing
run or rush or cry or sing

The beautiful spring, I can't see your bare foot
come back with those anklets
If not tomorrow the next day, I would wait
but come back with those anklets

Unwritten Soul 15 July 2012

You embrace the life around with beautiful nature praise...this is a wonderful work, like a light inside the lamp..meanings are so special enclosed inside the words, keep it up_Unwritten Soul

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Swetha Vanakayalapati 29 June 2012

wOW! ! thats what our tradition speaks along with nature! ! kudos! !

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