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My Fight Inside - Poem by ESPN CHICK

I look into the mirror
I see the fight inside no one else sees
The battle scars are worn
The tears I wanna cry but I fight
I strive to keep them away

How I try to be strong
But in the end somehow I always turn out weak
I try to scream but the silence is to loud
And I break into all over again
I promise on everything I'm okay

The pain doesn't go away easily
And I'm stuck in the same hole unable to move, unable to breathe
I feel so alone when I shouldnt
I feel so dead inside and nothing can make me feel alive
All my hopes and all my dreams have already faded away and now they are just memories

Slowly I feel like broken glass
Slowly I try to pick up the pieces
But I give up and turn to find out that the fight inside is killing me
I know the right choice but I keep letting go
Tired of barely hanging on

Tired of feeling like broken glass
Tired of fighting alone
The battle just won't end
I know it will never end
It's just the way it goes

I'm tired of feeling weak
I'm tired of hiding all the pain
I'm always letting it build up
It's slowly crumbling me
There's only one way to end it

One way to make me stronger
One person who will protect me
When I feel alone I know who will listen
And everywhere I go I know you're right here
That's why God right here tonight my fight is ours

My tears you will dry
My open wounds you will heal
The pieces of me you will put together
I know I will feel real and I know I won't be alone
I know you will take away the pain I feel

God tonight I want my life to belong to you
I want to live for you
I want you to make me whole
And I know you will make me stronger
The fight inside I know this is just the beginning but this time around I won't face it alone

August 14,2010

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 15, 2010

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