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A Girl Like Me

Rating: 4.9

I wonder why I can't die
Cause I'm filled with pain
Broken all over the place

And I'm still here in this flesh
Still moving when I should be six feet under

I tried hard to die but I'm still here
Knowing no one will miss me
Even though I wish he would miss me

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Christian Guice 06 March 2009

deep very good poem i like it alot

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*Trusting You* 08 November 2008

there is a man out there waiting for you to peice you back together. I like your last stanza. good job. *Purkey Girl*

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Mifael Llauderes 31 October 2008

i agree with barbara... in time, all that pieces will settle into their fitting places. keep writing keep pouring it out people can relate to you people care God bless

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Egi David Perdana 20 September 2008

a girl like you is you mother or you sister

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Barbara Terry 03 June 2008

I like the last line, and when I started to post my poems, everyone tried to tell me that it was written wrong. Poetry today tells about our lives, and what we are going, or have gone through. This is a very well written piece and says so much about why others don't listen when we talk. Thank you for sharing, but I believe that there is someone out there for a girl like you. Love & hugs, Barbara

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Jerry Hughes 17 May 2010

......self-indulgent, badly written rubbish!

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Ken E Hall 03 August 2009

A sad poem from one so young with unrequited love a very good subject you can feel....when Mr Right comes get ready with the magic carpet....... regards

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Alan Curtis 03 May 2009

A grl like u is one of a kind, there will always b someone that actualy does care for u. Keep on keep'n on home grl, Hippy Sav

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Greenwolfe 1962 01 April 2009

Now don't say that. I thought your structure was just fine. Structure makes a poem easy to read. That's what your poem was. I enjoyed reading it so much that I actually wanted to read more. Your message was clear and sincere. I could feel the heartbreak. Just a wonderful writing. GW62

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young lady. some lucky fella woudl be just lucky to have you as his bride.

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