My God Mother Nature Poem by Francis Duggan

My God Mother Nature

I feel that I have heard enough of talk of World strife
And what I need is joy and love and peace back in my life
And I must refrain from listening to the radio news and watching T.V.
For rumours of revenge and war is worrying to me.

My God is of the female kind and she is dressed in green
And she is very beautiful the finest I have seen
And in these times of tension where the seed of hatred grow
I turn to Mother Nature the only God I know.

In the scrub patch across the way in the cool evening breeze
The honeyeaters and wattlebirds on the banksia trees
Are chirping and singing and at this time of year
The voices of the male birds all day long you hear.

The children of Mother Nature my God's family
In Nature's wild garden living wild and free
They live on the nectar of tree blossoms and flowers
And their worries are little when compared to ours.

On the news on the radio and the T.V.
These rumours of war seem all too much for me
So I turn to my God Mother Nature in moments like these
And in her green garden I find peace and ease.

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