Jeffrey Mitchell

My Heart Cry's Out - Poem by Jeffrey Mitchell

My flesh was weak and I gave up my virtue to soon, now they are laughing at me. I open a door to salacious, now my thoughts are consumed with desires of my flesh. I gave access too lasciviousness.
That what I see looks innocent through my eyes, but my flesh distorts the image in my mind. Old memories that entice me to do what my flesh wanted to do, but my spirit wanted no part of it, wrestling for my soul professing I am a new creature in Christ Jesus.
How can this be? What I desire, and what my flesh desires is pulling at opposite ends? When I do something good, it feels like I am on the path of righteousness, but then a whirl wind of confusion comes upon me, out of know where a feeling of loss hits me.Glory to shame, who is to blame The deed was mine; but my mind lead me down a road covered in shame, now my heart cries out my flesh is weak, am I the blame when no longer am I in control my thoughts. My pain is deep, deeper than I care to explain, my flesh was weak and my heart cries out for change. How long will you allow this pain to go on? No longer am I in control, when demons are gathering around my soul, taunting and manipulating me. How long must I put up with them?
My son the fortress is strong, and the foundation is deep, deeper than you know, I am bringing you to a place where no longer the lust of this world can harm you anymore.
My word have I hid in your heart, deep within the scriptures you will find I set you free, so many of my sons are in the hall of shame, but in the word will you find peace from your enemies. Bless is he that puts his trust in me, for grace and mercy shall see him through.

Galatians 4: 14

"And my temptation which was in my flesh ye despised not, Nor rejected; but received me as an angle of God, even as Christ Jesus."

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Poem Submitted: Monday, June 4, 2012

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