My Home Poem by Kasey Jessie

My Home

Rating: 4.3

How come we try so hard to win
when we only end up in an endless abyss
we strive to impress the public with clever banter and knowledge.
We try to do our best by relatives known
this will all end when I return home.
This earthly planet is not my home
or any planets known
The place I call my home is a place above
a place where I am worth it
a place where I belong
a place where they have been waiting for my return
since the very moment I was born
my father will come to me with joy
all my loved ones, and others too.
the place where joy is eternal
that place is called heaven.

Darlene Walsh 25 August 2014

Life does have it's speed bumps, trying to send us into an endless abyss, goodness knows I've had my share. But life also has many great moments while on our path to home. It's definitely worth surviving those speed bumps to have the opportunity for the good times. This is a brave and inspirational poem. Darla :)

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Bri Edwards 17 August 2014

i don't believe in heaven. i also have not read the poem yet. i read 'john' 's comment about suicide and drugs. i wouldn't pay much attention to that when deciding whether or not you will get to heaven, BUT I DO feel that if a person is contemplating suicide or 'doing drugs' or is having trouble coping with the use of alcohol or other drugs, she/he could benefit by seeking counseling, professional or otherwise. ok, i've read it now. We try to do our best by relatives known you want known or knowing? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - these are the lines john was referring to. maybe john has had some abysmal experiences in his life; i can see why he might think you are hinting at suicide. of course this poem is not necessarily about you at all. i like it whether it is about you, someone else, or is made up completely by you. How come we try so hard to win when we only end up in an endless abyss thanks for sharing. bri :) this flowed smoothly. i'll send it to MyPoemList.

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 09 May 2014

Hi Kasey I enjoyed your inspirational poem and wish you the best in your work! Loyd

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Akhtar Jawad 08 May 2014

A nice idea and a nice poem. You have two hands, for keeping this world on the left and the heaven on the right. Please keep writing.

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Gajanan Mishra 08 May 2014

home, home, sweet home, I love my home.

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