My Husband. Poem by anju addanki

My Husband.

Rating: 3.8

Husband is someone;
You spend most of your life with.
And with him;
You are for years.

My life has become strong;
For my husband is not wrong.
My life has become independent;
For my husband never let me dependent.
My life has become pure;
For my husband had every cure.
My life has become romantic;
For my husband is very aromatic.
My life had a new beginning;
For my husband was nearing.

And the most valuable gift-
My husband has given me;
Are my 2 wonderful and the best kids-
And I thank God,
For the wonderful family he has given me.

Dezy Nezy 25 November 2009

i cery enjoyed it mann your lucky your husband is veryloyal to you god bless your love

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Ravi Sathasivam 05 October 2009

You are having a wonderful husband. God bless him Poem is touched with deep feelings and affections Good poem. Well expressed. Enjoyed reading it Thanks for sharing with me

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Ramin Chaman 05 October 2009

Hi Anju.. But I think your husband is very fortunate..because he have a good poet.. and Yes about your poem..a nice poem..and expressive.. well done...10

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Ying Escalona 15 July 2009

your husband is luckier.....because he have you.....that's seldom found these days Anju...congratulations

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