My Childhood Poem by anju addanki

My Childhood

Rating: 4.2

My mother tells me about it,
And I also remember a bit,
The time when I was too innocent,
The time which was superb and excellent.
I used to play with my toys,
And my life filled with happiness and joy,
Life was then exciting and alluring,
But now, it is becoming boring,
I cant't forget those days of mine,
In darkness of my life, like the jewels, they all shine,
By chance, due to good deeds of mine,
If God will ask me for my wish at any time,
I will wish to become smart and good,
But my first preference will be my Childhood.

Shalini Sundararamalingam 11 September 2009

hey its a cute little poem, i think children will also love this poem... very nice.. i like it..

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Luwi Habte 11 September 2009

this is childhood plasure nice poem luwi

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Shelly Shelly 11 September 2009

nice childhood hallucinated..

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Anjali Sinha 15 September 2009

Can one forget their childhood nostalgic memories- nice poem dear Anju lots of love from ofcourse ANJU

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Kranthi Pothineni 15 September 2009

How far can we run in a dream my friend.

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Dacky 02 April 2020

Nice! I think that some (not all) people can relate to the poem!

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Kareem 11 September 2019

Fuck u all

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OMG good poem 25 October 2018

Yes I know I was supposed to put my name there Amazing poem

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richa chakraborty. 08 July 2018

good poem.

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Marieta Maglas 23 September 2009

A wonderful absstract poem about purity and innocence.Lovely to read...10+++++++

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