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It was such a bright day,
As all was in my way,
The sun showed its first ray,
And my husbands kiss made me gay.

Mother's heart is always so PURE,
That always makes you CURE.
Mother's heart always WORRIES,
When she hears kids QUERIES.

Husband is someone;
You spend most of your life with.
And with him;
You are for years.

Chocolates, Chocolates, Chocolates,
Milk- chocolate, Mint-chocolate and semi-sweet,
Yummy dark chocolate is such a treat.
Chocolate yoghurt, sauce and chips,

My mother tells me about it,
And I also remember a bit,
The time when I was too innocent,
The time which was superb and excellent.

The tenderness in your eyes-
When you behold me,
Gives me a reason to live-
In this deary world.

Oh! she is seven -
And feels all is heaven.
Mom! that lipstick is mine-
And says all is fine.

Gandhi a Gift of GOD-
And so we praise the lord,
His creation is a miracle-
And thats life cycle.

My life, My body is now shared,
But, it seems so fair,
As marriage made us pair,
Even though I dont always tell you,

Pain... is that what i feel when you are away?
-the prick, the ache and the thorn in my heart?
Come-Soothe me.

As came the dawn,
I was carried to the lawn,
And in my hubbys arms I was found,
Love was all just around.


The Law that gives you Affection-
With reflection of Father
Is 'Father-In-Law'.

Under the Moonlight,
Along the beach,
With stars above,
Walking hand in hand,

From the time we have known,
World felt a better place.
Speaking everything and anything,
Made life interesting.

Its strange to be all alone for a moment-
But it worth a try,

Free from all bondages, all to onself-

I am crying-
Tears of pain
As I push you
In to the World.

The best thing-
Ever happened to me in my Life;
Is to fall in Love.
Where I discovered a new life-

Never in my wildest dreams,
did i think,
that you would be so close to me.

With Alien status,
And alien life;
I live in a city:
Which I pity,

From childhood bloomed youth,
And learnt lifes truth,
My first love sped fast,
And it was a painful task.

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Hi! ! ! ! Poetry field is a wonderful world in itself. I started writing poems when i was 17...And i love it.I am from Mumbai but now in South Africa. I hope my poems will be loved by one and all.)

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It was such a bright day,
As all was in my way,
The sun showed its first ray,
And my husbands kiss made me gay.

Cuddling each other in the bed,
To the memories did it led,
Making love like newly wed,
Made my face turn like red.

Downstairs did we ran,
In to the kitchen holding a pan,
Making our lunch plan,
We had a full ban.

Diamond on my finger,
Bringing the bodies nearer,
Suddenly felt the warmth on my lips,
And my heart flips,
Which felt like a bliss.

Walking hand in hand,
To the restaurant did we land,
Inside we stand,
With candle lights and a band,
WIth a big cake and garland,
That was my husbands plan.
With a happy heart,
We prayed to God not to part.

As we were out,
All heard me shout,
As I saw my husband with blood clot,
Terrorist had shot no doubt.
For him he was just Some One,
But, for me he was EveryOne.
He breathed his last,
And in a second he became my past,
And that was my anniversarys blast.

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Pradyumna Karpuram 24 August 2009

fantastic poem....loved it..! ! ! keep rolling the poems...!

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