My Incarnating Love! ! ! Poem by Tapashya Das

My Incarnating Love! ! !

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Anishya...a name that spells 'My incarnating Love'! ! ! !

I spell thy name
in every breath of my life
I feel thee in my elevated delite
Hence art thee mine ultimate hope of light,
Thee my Golden wings of flight...
Through windows of eyes
I see me in thy reflected morning rise,
So gentle so soothing
I smell thy fragrance in my early breathing...
Beholding mellows of splendid pleasure,
I stretch my arms in waves of desire,
In every pinch of wind
In every quench of sound
Thy spectrum of voice i hear
Calling me loud
O dear! O dear!
Curving in thy bosom
I feel so near...
Thee my Ardent Sapphire
O'er my murals of life discarding fear
On my heart of soul
Wrote my incarnating Love
I inscribed thee whole
With all grasping seconds
In all flair frissing moments
More and more and more
In romance of tranquility
Embrace me in thee forever... Amor
Let me blend into thee as one
Forever in thee
Just forever as 'we'! ! !

Always for thee...! ! !

Friday, April 22, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Kishore Kumar Das 12 June 2016

The process of love-making with your imaginary incarnation of 'love' is described in exemplary verses by you.....kudos to you for sharing this beautiful poem...

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