A Pair Of Shoes... Poem by Tapashya Das

A Pair Of Shoes...

Rating: 3.9

Pair of shoes
The splendid cave of zillion’s hooves,
Walks along quiet,
Across moors,
O’er heights,
For meters and miles
Nevertheless expressing
Notions emotions
Grief or smile…

Pair of shoes
The only armor
Of gallivant feet,
The only shield
In war of cold,
In battle of heat,
O’er bundles of sand
A pair of shoes
The only sheet…

In crowds of noble’s corner,
Amongst rest pairs of
Gloss and shimmers,
A pair of shoes
Depicts honor…
Beholding attire of,
Scarlet leather,
Ornamented bosom of,
Stones and feathers,
Wrapped in felicity
Around tender feet of Royals,
Kiss with grace,
The dust of weather…

The eyes haste to greet,
The numerous new born shoes,
Laying in cradle of shop racks,
Scattering alike rainbow dews,
Revealing elegance by,
Crimson, viridian and radiant hues…

A pair of shoes,
Still a desired dream for thousands
Miserable poor recluse,
Their cracked untidy feet
Impatient to behold,
A touch of
Metonym comfort of
A pair of shoes…

I feel amuse,
When I put on my shoes,
Interesting to observe
While mine foot
Hide in shoe hole
Alike a little mouse…
Rests mine feet
In bed of soles,
While the feet of shoes
Walks lone,
Along the path of coals…

A pair shoes,
The only companion
Yore and forever,
A united union,
Does not have personal opinion,
Does not have personal excuse,
Since yore,
A pair of care,
The only pair of shoes…

Anil Kumar Panda 01 January 2014

what a beautiful ink.loved it.

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Niaz Uddin Sumon 08 May 2016

nice poem Dear poet Tapashya...

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 23 May 2014

Hello poet Tapashya, this was such an interesting and touching poem about shoes, well done! Loyd

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V P Mahur 07 March 2014

Dear Tapashya Nice work of great imagination Lovely poem. I invite you to read my poems and give your views. Thanks!

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Suresh Mishra 03 January 2014

Very nice......'The only companion Yore and forever' ............................ Congrats! Keep it up....

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Sumant Sourav 02 January 2014

Oh, just awesome tapasya, , liked it a lot

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