My Little Angel...My Little Sister! ! ! Poem by Tapashya Das

My Little Angel...My Little Sister! ! !

Rating: 2.8

So long so long so long,
I waited so long,
To behold the mellows of those little palms,
To behold the tender of those little fingers,
To behold the mellifluous melody
Of a new born singer,
I waited so long…
Yore, once;
I begged, I cried;
“Oh! Thou, the Almighty Big Master,
I beg Thee a little sister”.
Forever perennial,
The Great Heavenly Father,
I am blessed with a Golden Corn,
One morrow she born…
I swayed my fingers
O’er velvet head,
Twinkling eyes shining fair,
I breathe sweet blossom relaxing under mother’s shade
In couch of lap
A purple rose smiling on cradle’s bed…

In radiance of her
I am trapped
Into her innocence,
I am grabbed;
Her elegance of movement
Beauty incarnate
Inflating my soul with inestimable glory of enchantment…

An angel of Empyrean,
Crawling genteelly on floor,
Tiny lips dancing on
Unknown encomium…
I filled my arms with her bounty
I felt the warmth of utmost responsibility
She is too young to calculate
My love to her is too elevated
Hard to evaluate…

She stood on my feet,
Holding my fingers as calm as flute,
We stepped ahead
Finally we fell on bed
So high so high
We burst into mirth,
With joy I’m wrapped
Beholding my sister on the earth…

Her lips chant
Halting and stammering chirping song…
Delighted my birth
Eager to conceive for a word
So long so long so long
A day
A memorable page of my life
Her tiny lips called me up…”Didi”
For which I waited since
So long so long so long…
My companion my friend,
She the only choral my life gained;
So lucent her smile,
My vex melts far in a while…

She the doll of my lap,
She plays; I clap!
My source of fun,
She chases; I run…
So long so long so long
My life had been lone
Since so long…
She the only gifted oxygen of my life
In her bounty,
I grew, I revived,
Alike after decades,
After so long, so long, so long! ! !

Saturday, May 24, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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