My Last Goodbye Poem by Bhavya Kaman

My Last Goodbye

Rating: 4.7

Just as the declining sun
In the western horizon
Marked the end of yet another day
I bowed my head slowly
For strength did I pray.

Strength to fight the tears
That welled up in my eyes.
I felt paralysed, unable to leave
With a broken heart which even
The rosy sky couldn't weave.

With misty eyes,
A broken heart,
And a sigh escaping my lips;
Even in that darkest hour I felt
Your touch on my finger tips.

But I fought back all the urge
To stay, to cry
I knew this had to be
My last goodbye.

Slowly, steadily drew a deep sigh
There's no question as to why
I knew this had to be
My last goodbye.

My aching heart if you could see,
My painful gaze if you could meet,
My selfless love if you could feel;
You would know this was no dream
My love was true, it was real.

But you were oblivious to my love
You chose not to believe
You chose to leave me all alone
In an eternal darkness to which
There was no end, no dawn.

But when you see the pure dewdrops,
The sparkling summer sunrise,
And feel the morning air;
You would know in your heart
That I had been there.

When you see the glistening
Gold like coal
In the fiery furnace
You would remember each winter night
I'd been there, close to your every sense.

When you listen to the songs of sparrows,
The humming of the bees,
And hear the chant of beetles;
You'd know the wound you caused was deep
The pain of love never settles.

But you've pierced my heart
Left me broken, torn, alone, aloof
In a place where tears don't dry
Yes I know now this has to be
My last goodbye.

Now when you stroll on the seashore alone
Where once my footprints were next to yours
When you gaze at the stars, the lofty sky
You would know in your heart too
This indeed was my last goodbye.

Goodbye my love, goodbye my dear,
You look up, but I'm nowhere near
You utter a cry
No matter how much you try
You know this was my last goodbye.

Danny Smith 12 July 2010

wow.......i felt every word in this poem. it was really awsome

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Bidding the last good bye is one of the most difficult to do...u have very well expressed the emotions and pain...Brilliant...clap clap clap for you

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Aastha Uppal 13 July 2010

how parting from your loved one aches... the best part of this poem is that it speaks of both the individuals heart.. the one leaving, who though never valued the dear one but still would feel a void in his life because of his lovers absence and simultaneously pours out the inconsolable pain of the other individual... truly like it... nice one there! !

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Jazib Kamalvi 16 January 2018

A good start with a nice poem, Bhavya. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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Ankit Mittal 28 February 2012

AWESOME! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! really really amazing.. the way it started off and the way it ended.. Beautiful..

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Ajay Seshadri 16 July 2010

A very poignant verse with beautiful patterns of conscious pain through a flow of lyrical perfection.

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Ashok Azad 15 July 2010

What can i is like gives us both, lifetime worth of happy memories, lifetime worth of unbearable pain.....Try to choose the happiness over the pain even though the pain can never be disowned...

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Dr.subhendu Kar 13 July 2010

My aching heart if you could see, My painful gaze if you could meet, My selfless love if you could feel; You would know this was no dream............ dream desiccates in rune of reality as grin by the green vociferates wilting cornfield when never sways by breeze love seems to bewilder by ruse of falling.wonderful write yet ingenious by imagery, and poignant by bidding farewell, most emotive write and evocative too,10+++, thanks for sharing

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