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Rohit Sharma is the bestselling writer of two fiction books 'Te Amo I Love You' and '12 HOURS'. While 'Te Amo' is a Romance-Thriller fiction,12 HOURS is a short story collection, which deals with various social issues.

Rohit used to write poetry during his school days, and he has uploaded those poems (which may seem childish) on Poemhunter. Hope you will enjoy them.

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Facebook - rohitsharma.myself
Instagram - author.rohit

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Rohit Sharma Comments

Alicia Moore 08 July 2010

Such a beautiful writer In heart and soul Any girl would be foolish not to have you

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Kristina Jones 02 July 2010

Hi Rohit :) I love your poems, they are all consistently good and of a lovely nature, you are obviously deeply romantic at heart!

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Sakshi 23 October 2020

He is over all excellent ??

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Devanshi 14 June 2018

Rohit is a good player

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Prakash 18 January 2018

I think rohit is a very lovely and nice player

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Pranab K Chakraborty 11 January 2011

Nice spirit of creation guided by passionate emotion.

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Jasmine Muthoni 20 July 2010

i think u r really talented

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The Best Poem Of Rohit Sharma

Did I Ever Tell You

You have always been there
Holding my hand, standing besides me
You took a lot of care
Even when my life kept me busy....

Did I ever tell you,
I love you from the depth of my heart
My feelings for you are true and honest
No matter what; we'll never be apart....

You sacrifice your dreams
Just to fulfill mine...
Walk with me in all weathers
Do everything to keep me fine.....

Did I ever tell you
What a wonderful companion you have been...
Your love and support is so special
What I am saying is what I really mean.....

You are the strength for me
That makes me stronger; helps me grow...
You have brought me all the good luck
Baby, How much you've done; even you don't know.....

Did I ever tell you
I feel blessed to have you with me...
Will love you like this even after my death
You're the one for me and you always have been! ! !

Rohit Sharma Popularity

Rohit Sharma Popularity

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