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! ! ! ! I'Ll Never Be Loved! ! ! !

Not ready to accept till now
Always had an inner row
Someone somewhere i'll find
Love between us will help us bind.

' Will 'I' Ever Be 'Me' '

i love this world, when the world loves me
i hate this world, when the world hates me
Proudly i claim i've all the freedom
But are my thoughts really free from this WORLDLY kingdom.

... The Hidden Eyes...

Was it a howl or warning from God
Was it the outcome of reversal of nature's laws
Whatever it was, the world had faced a great loss

Should I Hate Him?

The goodness in bad will never die
The bad in goodness dormantly lies
Everything bad is good it means
Or do i need to hate even the good deeds? ?

? ? ? Should The Pleading Be Heard? ? ?

No one can define pain
i only wish happiness and sorrows we could strain
The tough times will pass, they say
But what if there's no hope no bright ray.

Aastha Uppal Comments

Fabrizio Frosini 05 January 2015

Hi Aastha, I've read 3 poems of yours: 1. ONLY IF IT WAS 2. I'll never be loved 3. Should I Hate Him? - n.1 is a more philosophical, I'd say, lyric; - n.2: a simple and yet awesome song, filled with sorrow and loss. It's a touching, absorbing lyric.. - n.3 is a well plotted & well written work, with an interesting and sincere point of view. All of the 3 above are nice poems. Thanks for sharing and keep on writing

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mohsin amin khan 24 April 2010

glory in life is when verses fill us with the pious nature you have written all poems well keep it up best of luck it is so good to read your poems

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