My Life Had Stood Poem by Emily Dickinson

My Life Had Stood

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My life had stood--a Loaded Gun--
In Corners--till a Day
The Owner passed--identified--
And carried Me away--

And now We roam in Sovereign Woods--
And now We hunt the Doe--
And every time I speak for Him--
The Mountains straight reply--

And do I smile, such cordial light
Upon the Valley glow--
It is as a Vesuvian face
Had let its pleasure through--

And when at Night--Our good Day done--
I guard My Master's Head--
'Tis better than the Eider-Duck's
Deep Pillow--to have shared--

To foe of His--I'm deadly foe--
None stir the second time--
On whom I lay a Yellow Eye--
Or an emphatic Thumb--

Though I than He--may longer live
He longer must--than I--
For I have but the power to kill,
Without--the power to die--

Ed Roache 11 October 2019

It is a playful poem. Emily is pretending to be a gun. She is sitting unused in a corner until its owner picks it up. They roam in the woods together hunting deer. When the gun speaks it fires and the echo is heard from off the mountain. When the gun fires at night it glows cordially upon the valley which is illuminated. It is like the explosion of a volcano which explodes with heat, light, and sound. The gun is placed on the owner's pillow at bedtime where it protects its Master.

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jaz johnson 17 April 2019

i just wanted to know if anyone could give me their own look into what was their interpretation of the poem? thank you

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Amar Agarwala 13 March 2017

An emphatic poem... as always Emily is my best.

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* Sunprincess * 15 June 2016

.........beautifully penned....the power to take a life comes so easy for some ★

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