Francis Duggan

My Life Hereafter - Poem by Francis Duggan

A young looking St Peter he stood by heaven's gate
He said you cannot enter and for penance now too late
On Earth you were a sinner and to see you I'm not glad
You never worshipped God at all and your rhymes were even bad.

The road downhill it leads to hell you will be welcome there
For Satan welcomes everyone he will have room to spare
And as I walked downhill I thought to myself don't it seem so unfair
I've been locked out of heaven for what seems my lack of prayer

The keeper of the gate to hell said there's room for you inside
Entry in here to anyone has never been denied
And though Satan will not ask of you to worship him and pray
Like everyone condemned to hell you're here for the long stay.

He said satan in his office waits and he will talk to you
And as I passed through the office door my trepidation grew
But the one who sat inside the desk to my relief and surprise
Did not have horns and a goat like face and fire glowing in his eyes

And though seated I judged him to be of average build and height
And with shoulder length brown hair and well trimmed beard not the repulsive sight
That Earthlings make him out to be no hoof like hands and feet
He welcomed me with a hand shake saying will you take a seat.

I'm Monarch of this World called hell and it's true what earthlings say
That once in here you cannot leave you are obliged to stay
But I am not the evil type that Earthlings make me out to be
It's just that I disagreed with God and he ostracized me.

There are no churches in this World no need to worship me
For prayer and belated remorse of hell won't set you free
And though you may meet some in this World that you have known before
This is the last time we will meet goodbye forever more.

On Earth I'd heard of the fires of hell that hell's the hottest place
That sinners there forever burn the price of their disgrace
And bigger fool I must have been to believe all I'd been told
Up here there aren't any fires I've never known such cold.

Up here no Spring, Summer and Fall it's Winter all year round
A dormant World where nothing grow on frost and snow clad ground
No trees for shade no fauna to leave their footprints on the snow
It is a cold and barren Land where nothing ever grow.

I visualize the life I knew when I go back in time
Victoria in December a bright and warm clime
The magpie fluting on gum tree in sunlit park I lay
Up here the sun doesn't ever shine it's freezing cold and gray.

St Peter said you can't go through as on me he locked the gate
The road downhill it leads to hell for to repent now too late
And Satan will welcome you in to his World of despair
And suffer on forever more 'tis freezing cold down there.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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