'My Life Without You' Poem by Tina Marie Clark

'My Life Without You'

Rating: 3.0

I begged you on hands and knees to
try to live with me in peace, seems war
stayed on your mind, so here's the reasons
why, I'm leaving you behind

I need space to think, to express myself
without your doubt

Without - your eyes upon my thoughts
Without - your dagger looks and pouts
Without - the love/hate you feel for me

Without - having to ask what do you want
to eat
Without - being the rug under your feet
Without - taking your punches physically
and mentally

Without - wishing for the love I've never had
Without - hearing you're sorry, over and over again
Without - you pretending to be my friend

Without - the same routine of making up again
Without - being angry at myself for being so unprepared
to be free, knowing leaving is a must, for my children and
for me

Without - the evil you display on a daily basis your vibe equals
Without - the weakness you show at the wrong time and places
Without- thinking about the non-support you show purposely to
discourage me, hoping I won't follow my dreams

Without- responding to your negative ways, that make me
wish for shorter days
Without - the fear of being alone, when you're here
and when you're gone

Without - feeling I've wasted so many years
Without - wishing I had a penny for each tear
I'd be a millionare, yet without my freedom I'd
still be sad

So I appreciate us meeting to discuss our feelings with
a stranger, to help us pretend to make amends for the children's sake
we must behave as civilized human beings, when we both know it's time
to leave

Remember You Asked, For Me Was There Something You
Could Do? Yes, You Could Give Me
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