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I'm A Katrina Survivor Who Decided To Stay In Texas and Not Return To New Orleans I'm A Mother Of Two Sons Joseph And Prince Who's 15 years Old
I'm A wife And A Songwriter/Poet/I Make My Own Line Of Affordable Home Intrior Decorations For Your Home Which Is Showcased On mypace.com/tinamariesoriginalsongs, there you can hear my songs, one of my songs is sung by the late Bob Marley's Late Mother Mrs. Cedella Marley' Titled 'No Brother's Blood' I have recently received a letter from 'Barack Obama, about the tribute video I wrote titled'Mr. Obama' at youtube.com/user/tballard98 I also sponsor a daughter in W. Ghana 'Mariama' she's 13 I started when she was 9 right after Katrina Destroyed Everything I Owned, yet I Saw Her Picture And Realized I Could Give Up Going To The Nail Place And Sponsor Her'My Nail's Are A Mess (Just Kidding) 'Yet My Heart Is Happy! ! ! I have never missed sending my gift each month! I'm also and have always been a neighborhood mom see on myspace under my pics some of my children I started the first double douch jump rope in Kenner La. see thier pictures, they went from fighting everyone and each other to Champions In Compititions also I have song about our world's conditions such as my song about Darfur 'Restore Hope

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' I'M Beautiful '

My face I speak not about, my love
for myself I do, I'm more beautiful than
any object, moving, still, never more
beautiful than people, I'm equal

More beautiful each day, I say, my
attitude polished, my tears controlled
my out look improved, lessons in love
I've been to school, I've learned this much
is true, first these words must come from
me not you, I'm Beautiful Simply Beautiful!


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Tina Marie Clark Popularity

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