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My face I speak not about, my love
for myself I do, I'm more beautiful than
any object, moving, still, never more
beautiful than people, I'm equal

'You' and those like you, who makes such a beautiful place
'God created called Earth' so unsafe, here's some food for thought
for you today, you hide in unseen places waiting for unsuspecting
faces, who are unaware of your deadly stare, how did your life get

Who shot the first rocket
really doesn't matter does it?

Who suffered the first casualty?

No tears fall harder, than those of
a broken hearted mother, she carries
her child around until it's ready to arrive

I begged you on hands and knees to
try to live with me in peace, seems war
stayed on your mind, so here's the reasons
why, I'm leaving you behind

I felt as if I was riding a big wave, then suddenly
it was dry, I felt so confused, yet there was no
time to cry, finally I was left alone with my thoughts
without the facade, my mind tried to deny what I knew

She gave me birth and without warning
she left this earth, to see her placed in
in that dirt was the worst or was it when
I was following that ugly black hurist?

I don't want to walk in front of man
I don't want to walk behind, if I walk
in front of him, he'll say I'm ahead of
my time, If I walk behind him, he'll

To you I may seem very weak

yet inside my soul you see is

We see the super stars with all their
bling and fancy cars, with thier hair
silky and long, most times not thier own

I'm taking time out Jesus to acknowledge
all the blessings you've seen fit to send
my way

I wasn't born with, it's inherited from me

the cold wind would have blown me away

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I'm A Katrina Survivor Who Decided To Stay In Texas and Not Return To New Orleans I'm A Mother Of Two Sons Joseph And Prince Who's 15 years Old I'm A wife And A Songwriter/Poet/I Make My Own Line Of Affordable Home Intrior Decorations For Your Home Which Is Showcased On mypace.com/tinamariesoriginalsongs, there you can hear my songs, one of my songs is sung by the late Bob Marley's Late Mother Mrs. Cedella Marley' Titled 'No Brother's Blood' I have recently received a letter from 'Barack Obama, about the tribute video I wrote titled'Mr. Obama' at youtube.com/user/tballard98 I also sponsor a daughter in W. Ghana 'Mariama' she's 13 I started when she was 9 right after Katrina Destroyed Everything I Owned, yet I Saw Her Picture And Realized I Could Give Up Going To The Nail Place And Sponsor Her'My Nail's Are A Mess (Just Kidding) 'Yet My Heart Is Happy! ! ! I have never missed sending my gift each month! I'm also and have always been a neighborhood mom see on myspace under my pics some of my children I started the first double douch jump rope in Kenner La. see thier pictures, they went from fighting everyone and each other to Champions In Compititions also I have song about our world's conditions such as my song about Darfur 'Restore Hope)

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' I'M Beautiful '

My face I speak not about, my love
for myself I do, I'm more beautiful than
any object, moving, still, never more
beautiful than people, I'm equal

More beautiful each day, I say, my
attitude polished, my tears controlled
my out look improved, lessons in love
I've been to school, I've learned this much
is true, first these words must come from
me not you, I'm Beautiful Simply Beautiful!


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Tina Marie Clark Popularity

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