'Rich Without Money' Poem by Tina Marie Clark

'Rich Without Money'

Rating: 3.1

We see the super stars with all their
bling and fancy cars, with thier hair
silky and long, most times not thier own

We watch in awe as thier money pile up
which is fine, but then their problems are
larger than ours

The red carpet they proudly walk, of foriegn
places they smoothly talk, exotic as it seems
it's only thier dreams, we have them too maybe
in a strange way, they have already come true

Anyone not in a designer's dress will surley
be described as a hot mess, The men dress in
the best, thier main objective is to impress

How can one be happy wiithout being wealthy?
good question, well start first with being grateful
for what you have, make yourself happy not so
mad, stop really, and smell some roses, do
something memoriable like Moses

We're blessed, to be alive it's time we know it
see you don't have to be on the 'A List' to fit
in honey, see it is possible to be
' Rich Without Money'

Copyright: 2005

Gina Layog 22 April 2009

I really like this poem it really says it all, money is not everything, oftentimes, we lose sight, we chase money thinking that it'll makes us happy, its just the opposite thanks for writing this Tina.... (I printed this out, and place it next to my computer, always to remind me of the simple things in life)

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