' I'M Missing Mama ' Poem by Tina Marie Clark

' I'M Missing Mama '

Rating: 2.7

She gave me birth and without warning
she left this earth, to see her placed in
in that dirt was the worst or was it when
I was following that ugly black hurist?

I heard the preacher say ashes to ashes
dust to dust, I thought ' Mother can I speak
to you once again please as you see it's
a must? don't you have one fight in you left?

A thought interrupted my chain of thought and
said, she's fought a good fight let her take her
rest her children received her best

As people started leaving the cemetery, seems
I couldn't leave her there alone, to me it seemed
a form of abandonment, It finally hit me, this is real
not play, what a sad and gloomy day, she no longer
answers the phone when it rings, all I have left
are some of her things

They mean more to me now than when she was alive
then I asked myself did I give her enough flowers
while she lived? I regret the times I brought her grief
it took her death to realize she really did love me!

The relationship between a mother and child can
be a complicated one, yet it's oh so simple when she's
gone, because then there's no question as to who was
wrong, the blame you finally owned, you feel so alone, calling
in the dark hoping she answers and tell you it was all a bad
dream, she's not answered me yet she never will again it seems

I know for sure she's watching and expecting me to do my best
and her favorite command, was to never give up on my dreams
no matter how far they seem, when I'm feeling real low I look
at her picture hanging over my desk, which some days, like today!
seems to speak, only God and I know the sweet things she says to me
'Alright ' I'm Sure To Be! ! !

Copyright 2007

Marilyn Lott 10 April 2009

So much heart and love and sadness went into this poem and it's really quite beautiful. You will be together again someday. A '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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