My Love And My Dreams...... Poem by Ravi Sathasivam

My Love And My Dreams......

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My love on you is full of understanding with no shy
My dreams are like a moon that sails in the sky
My sincere love is shared between you and me with grace
and feel so warm to have your life in my soul
Your love is connected through my soul and heart
and accepting me, for who I am with great respect
You make my heart and soul happy always
You make my life strong with your feelings and passions
When your eyes look at me then my pains starts melting
When your lips touch my lips then my worries vanish
When you hug me hard then my soul belongs to you only
Every nights I sail with your dreams to the heaven
and keep my feelings locked up tight till I reach you
Every day I wait here to show my love to you
and you will always be secured in my heart and soul
even the distance that keeps us apart.

Hebert Logerie Sr. 31 August 2009

My love and my dreams...perfect ingredients for a wonderful life.

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David Gerardino 03 July 2005

like the poem, i write down all my dreams on paper, and little by little i see my dreams come true, what i mean is that in these dreams, some times, some thing comes true, so i write the time, the peaple, the place, and what the point of the dream is...........

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Jo Anne Palma 03 July 2005

the writer was great! ! ! this poem really touched my heart... this applies to me because i'm experiencing a long distance relationship..: ( hope he'll make more poems that will trully inspires the heart of every reader... keep it up!

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