God's Gift - Nature........... Poem by Ravi Sathasivam

God's Gift - Nature...........

Rating: 3.7

When the beautiful morning comes
The rays of rising sun kiss her
When the garden of nature open its heart
The garden of flowers hugs her to welcome
When the trees dance to tune of wind
The birds singing to the nature's choir
When the gentleness of nature is filled pleasure
Then the earth get wet with weather
When the nature forgets its vastness
Then the God shows her how big her place on earth
Let us thank God for his creation and given us
eyes to see lovely gift - Nature

God's Gift - Nature...........
Omar Ibrahim 30 September 2009

i liked the metaphors in this poem.....you know how to use the metaphor well i hope i can use it well like you.....good job...10

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Risha : Ahmed 04 March 2007

it is really a beautiful poem. Loved it!

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Nalini Hebbar 24 June 2006

a very nice poem about nature...you have used soft words to bring about a very sobering effect on the reader

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Phanice Wamukota 23 June 2015

Superbly thought through,

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Soulful Heart 11 December 2014

a thankgiving in superb verse.......good poem of god gifted nature....simple words with perfect effect

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Srushti Dodamani 27 August 2020

Wow...awesome poem Heart touchy.. Well expressed

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lyra_ the _fairy 12 June 2020

wow amazing poem. thanks i will learn it in these lokdown. stay home stay safe

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lyra_ the _fairy 12 June 2020

wow! ! what a amazing poem you have wrote. thanks for this poem very much. i will learn it in these lockdown.

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Kaden 10 March 2020

the best i like so love nature i study it

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Messi_The_Best 10 December 2018

What really enjoyed reading this poem

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