My Love, My Life, My All Poem by Catherine Agunat

My Love, My Life, My All

I remember so well the day in my life you came
You have the most beautiful smile while you ask for my name
Though I did not know you well, my trust you swiftly gained
From that moment, we became close and love between us begins

Since then, you made my world wonderful to live in
That is why in my heart, only you I allowed to get in
You are like a sunshine that gives glow to my face
Joy that you bring, no one can efface

Every morning, I wake up happy 'coz I know you're there
Whatever circumstance the day may bring, we'll face together
In the night even there's no moonlight, I have nothing to worry about
Cause your love is enough to be my light that can cast all my doubt

Having you, is my greatest gift from up above
As reverence, I will cherish and adore you my love
In you, no more agony but all ecstacy
I treasure you more than I can say

Beside you, I promise I will forever stay
Never to leave nor hurt you, come what may
You are my love, my life, my all
No one can replace you even the world will fall

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