My Midnight Has Come Poem by Casey Stewart

My Midnight Has Come

The darkest hour is upon me
The day has changed to bitter cold night
Unmoving and unrelenting, its void whispers to me,
That I do not stand a chance
For I am scared of the dark once more
Like a child who sleeps with the lights on,
But it is not for fear of a monster
I am terrified of the thought of being lost without love
When the bulbs go out I believe that my soul too will follow
For you are so far away Sarah… and I am so weak
I fear that my heart cannot hold onto you
Because its beats barely sustain me
I wish that I could make you come back without guilt
But someday you would turn the blade of blame on me
And slice my soul to pieces, so that remorse would swallow me whole
I am tired of feeling guilty, but I cannot continue on this path,
When you are so confused what hope does that give me?
It is the bird that never chirps at my windowsill, it is hope I’ve always wanted
The bird is asleep, the crow caws at my doorstep
It is midnight

David Estrada 20 October 2009

Superb Job. I enjoyed reading this piece.

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