My Quest For The Truth Poem by praneeth remidi

My Quest For The Truth

Oh the truth, my lord, my king, come to me
Thou don't deserve to stay there
Thy speed will get slower where
With false and false cries it cover

I know thou look small like a word
None can forget that thou are the sharpest sword
But thy density is more than earth
So are thou kicked down and drowned

Oh the truth, the standard and the winner
Come to me with the pace of a thunder
And make me and all to wonder
Though on the way are the thick woods
Pour upon me like the angry floods

Oh the truth, the judge and the conqueror
Droop the dust and rise up with calms
For thee I have stretched far my arms
Thou will never desire to reside
Where Stumbles and stammers of false preside

My heart broke, dear truth, do the justice
Thou have no chance for it to ply
I beg you towards my heart to fly
Than the earth, thou weigh high
Will carry thou even if I die

Oh the truth, the strongest and immortal
My heart longs for thy presence
Rather for it now thou are the essence

Why suffer in the heart of dirty lane
As thou get treated, something as a vain
When I urge thou, with me to join
Why do thou take time and toss a coin

Oh the master, the savior, my truth,
Theft are my thoughts, thief is there
Dead are my dreams, killer is there
And why I say thou shouldn't be there

Come to me my darling, my truth
Come with the pure cry come with a jump
Like a baby from the mother's womb
I know Thy visit to my heart would
Pierce deep to cause a wound
But never would I mind

My thoughts would in a minute
Put down our culture
Like the hunt of a vulture
But my actions, they would never

I am harmless my love, my truth
And why I say thou should be here
Rush out from that heart and Rush into mine
I know thou hurt me but even I hug thou

Come on truth, come fast like a ray
Flowers are wreathed on your way
Thy knowledge sinks me, I confirm
Still I would try to be very firm

Oh my truth, the immortal and the perfect
I am eager waiting with my arms stretched
Reveal thy self and it makes me fetched

Its my word to you my truth
I would look after you
I will treat you as a king and serve you
I will treat you as a kid and care for you
I will treat you as the God and pray to you

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