When We Met (For Patricia) Poem by Frank (Black) Blacharczyk

When We Met (For Patricia)

Rating: 5.0

When we first met the sun was setting
When our eyes met fate began dealing
In a convenience store on a corner
No romantic music no candles on a table for two
a routine standing in line under annoying lights
But I reminded myself of an over-sight
went searching high and low for peace
Fate did a twist on my life
When our eyes met
In a convenience store on a corner
I can't remember what I came in for
When our eyes met I ran
but my legs wouldn't move
from something I never felt before
All I wanted was something from
a convenience store on a corner
with lights so tiresome trying my patience
But when our eyes met something hit me
It was fate twisting my life unravelling my cover
I stood looking into her eyes you see
She spoke I know so long ago can't remember
Even when I looked away our eyes still met
It was a feeling I never had before
But in a convenience store on a corner
What I came in for I don't remember
But what I left with I never felt before….

Frank Black Blacharczyk Sept 1 2020

Thursday, September 3, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: hope,change,feelings
Rose Marie Juan-austin 03 September 2020

A lovely poem that captures the wonders and magic of love. A well expressed poem full of emotions.

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