My Name Is Sari Mavi (3) Poem by Sari Mavi

My Name Is Sari Mavi (3)

They said to me: 'Sari, you are not pretty'. (Is It True?)
Then, I went home - I conduct myself in front of a mirror
There, I saw the appearance of a figure of a woman with some acne on her cheeks
She has black hair, shoulder-length hair, clean skin, form the nose, mouth,
And a pair of eyebrows, eyes, ears, hands and legs
They are perfect!

I was looking for where is the lack of beauty to me
I asked at the mirror - she was only silence
Then I rolled myself in the mirror, however, still could not find
I just see the form of the female body with black hair, clean skin
Which have the form of nose and mouth, as well as eyebrows, eyes, ear, legs, and arms
A woman who does not have a disability. She only has a few pimples on her cheeks
'Hmm, maybe they made a mistake in judging me'

'Hi world, my name is Sari Mavi.'
Truly, I was beautiful, because I was born without a disability
My body is proportional and it works well
Maybe I'm too modest in their world
It does not matter, because of its simplicity and character are both major capital contained in myself
Then, with a sweet smile I left the mirror - which still can not say lack of beauty myself

Sunday, July 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: myself
Kim Barney 05 July 2015

All people are beautiful if we just look for the beauty in them and not try to find their faults. Well written.

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