My New Moon! ! ! Poem by Tapashya Das

My New Moon! ! !

Rating: 5.0

I found myself alive
In mirror of thy eyes,
I found myself in thee
Where my new morrows arise…
In thy affection’s mart
Standing I am with a scarlet rose,
On door of thy heart…
Singing my love for thee, my dear! ! !
I desire to steal thee
Out of the world, with delicacy and care…
I desire to hide thee, in my eyes
I desire to love thee
Melt in thee restless,
My lips desire to kiss thee breathless,
Let my love be passionate, be speechless…
Ye the only my love,
The compassionate beloved affectionate…
Awaited my arms to behold thee,
My soul eager to live immortal; forever,
Only and only for Ye…
Thy fingers has filled the gaps of love
Of my recluse palms,
Let me rest my head
On pillows of thy arms…
What a beautiful world I see! ! ! My love! ! !
Beholding thee in me,
So metonym thine touch,
My feelings could not pause its lust…
I suppose;
Could be thy breathe forever!
I suppose;
I could lose in thee forever!
My expectancy begs to be thine forever
Of the rest,
Hope to be the only nightingale forever
Of thy nest…
I laid mine life in garden of thy smile,
With thee,
On moor of love I shall walk
Mile after miles…
Thee; so tender, so gentle, so mild,
Thy bounty is pleasure of a child…
Thee; the breeze in June,
Post my eclipse,
Thee my love; The Ardent New Moon…! ! !

Friday, May 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Colleen Courtney 30 May 2014

A beautifully written poem. Enjoyed the read!

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