My Niece – Marilese Poem by Michael Knight

My Niece – Marilese

As I grew I heard a lot about Marilese
I was informed that this was my Niece
Incredibly smart I was informed – this Niece of Mine

Never was I afforded the opportunity though
To better get to know her so
What no one knew - Except my Niece and me
Life is planned – One day we were destined to meet

One sunny day – my grannies unfortunate funeral
Our two souls connected
Completely unexpected

Completely flabbergasted was I
With this Niece of mine
So excited and impressed with this Niece of mine

For hours we could chat
About this and that
Completely subtracted from the reality around us

Grandfather told me I was not smart
Also told this girl – very smart
Yet we could click as easy as that

I don’t care who says what
This Niece of mine is very cool

Marilese – Thanks for the love in your heart
Maybe one-day I’ll be as smart
Thank you for sharing this talent of yours

It is your wisdom that I adore

Jurietta Duraan 21 September 2008

Baie cool gedig (en ja, jy kan dit met reg 'n gedig noem) en 'n wonderlike 'tribute'.... ek weet nie so mooi van die 'smart' en 'not so smart' nie - Marilese is ongelooflik slim, en jy kruip maar net weg. :) :)

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