Insomniac’s Tale And Pink Milkshake Poem by Michael Knight

Insomniac’s Tale And Pink Milkshake

Rating: 3.5

I’m In the Cresta Lodge Botswana
It was 10h00 at night – sudden need for ice cold coke
Down to the bar – Coke and Ice Please
Not a good idea feeling like I’m gonna have difficulty falling asleep again tonight, but the coke I need despite the intended sleeping fight

I finish the coke‘t was Ice cold and refreshing
Get into bed to sleep – but the coke energy now is keeping sleep a testing
After 11h00 I am still awake
Suddenly I need something else – pink milkshake – it shouldn’t keep me awake

Where do these cravings stem?
Like a pregnant womans woe’s
For future reference
I will not argue such a womans preference

Get in my car at 11h30 to nearest convenience store (Shell garage)
They don’t sell pink milkshake – I settle for a small coke again
Let’s find another garage – closed – also don’t sell milkshake – what a pain
I know this won’t keep me awake – I don’t like another shake

Back to the hotel now
I read a book– A New Earth – is this my ego or the “I” in me
Do I need this for ego fulfillment or does my body really need this nourishment
Maybe if I continue reading I’ll get the answer
Although I really would like to sleep now

It’s late
I need to be fresh in the morning
I have students hanging on every word I utter
My words to them usually dont'melt like butter

My butter will be very hard and cold if I am not at my best
The faith they have in me will not stand the test
I need to sleep now – try my best
If I try too hard I know I won’t rest

Hopefully by telling my Insomniac tale
My mind won’t wait too long
To sing it’s sleeping song
And Hopefully I’ll be dreaming about drinking my pink milkshake
Satisfying this unfulfilled need while dreaming

Tanya Stanford 20 August 2008

you definately have a different approach on poetry but i must say i'm captivated. your poems have a hint of humour. like that

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Jurietta Duraan 14 August 2008

Wel, een ding kry jy reg: konstruktiewe kritiek! en nogal van die 'likes' van Yoonoos Peerbocus wat soos die oracle is hier rond! Ek wens mense kan sulke goed vir my skryf in plaas van 'ons hou van die feeling van die gedig' en so aan... jy is op die regte pad - jy soek nog jou styl en jy het nie enige reels nie... hou so aan, Gerhard... aanhouer gaan hier defnitief wen.

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Kaye Cee 13 August 2008

I know the experience. I think you mean 'Tale' instead of tail. Tale means a story. Tail belongs to an animal. Also, 'a testing' is awkward. 'My words to them usually melt like butter.' Americans have the saying 'Butter doesn't melt in his mouth, ' meaning he can do no wrong. It's a funny play on words or an accidental one. The poem needs to be honed down. Get rid of any excessive words, even if they rhyme. I like a good rhyme or internal rhyme, but I would rather see a clear metaphor than forcing words together just to make them sound alike. Very good. Kaye

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