Suzuki Fun Poem by Michael Knight

Suzuki Fun

This weekend I got on my bike
All conditions were in my favor
This moment I had to savor
I knew I would like

I drove to the mall and back
What a nice feeling I admit
I could not resist the temptation
To get more of it

It was a lot of fun
Can’t wait for the summer and the breakfast runs
To QueCera, Cullinan and back
Five six seven fellow bikers together each watching the others back

These biker guys have a negative image
But this is so wrong
They just all enjoy their biking
It’s a special liking

They all support the rookies
And will not drive too far away from them
Always ensuring that you are safe
Taking turns to fall back each and everyone have you covered

I haven’t seen a fight at the gatherings
These biker guys are real people like you and me
With one desire
To enjoy the speed of their machines and companionship of the biker fraternity

If you don’t believe me –
Contact me and I’ll take you on a breakfast run
You will have so much fun
The next day you’ll be buying a machine yourself - I promise

Margaret Alice 07 September 2008

Hi, I'm first to go on that breakfast run, you promised! I can't wait, I've been getting ready for ages! Lekker ritme wat jy hier opwerk, lekker los trippeling in jou woorde, gemaklik op die tong en oor, jy beweeg nou lekker hoor! Liefdegroete, Marilese.

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