Michael Knight Poems

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Insomniac’s Tale And Pink Milkshake

I’m In the Cresta Lodge Botswana
It was 10h00 at night – sudden need for ice cold coke
Down to the bar – Coke and Ice Please
Not a good idea feeling like I’m gonna have difficulty falling asleep again tonight, but the coke I need despite the intended sleeping fight

Flu - Nasty Thing

Like life is not hard enough without you having to make it harder
Your timing sucks
I could not take of work and get better as it’s month-end once again
I took pills when I got home – as I was feeling like death

Waaroor Gaan Alles?

Vandag voel ek beter, maar die vraag in my kop bly steeds vashaak
Waaroor gaan alles, werk toe huistoe, werk toe huistoe
Naweek, langnaweek, werk toe huistoe
Miskien het hierdie week nuwe uitdagings?

Thinking Of Holiday - Wishing Our Lives Away

I’m on holiday – Time to play
Cannot believe it’s time
To relax and unwind
Never thought this amount of free time I will find

Suzuki Fun

This weekend I got on my bike
All conditions were in my favor
This moment I had to savor
I knew I would like

My Niece – Marilese

As I grew I heard a lot about Marilese
I was informed that this was my Niece
Incredibly smart I was informed – this Niece of Mine

Nearing The End Of Another Year – The Heat Is On In Sa

It’s with great excitement that we are approaching Christmas time
Time for Carols rhyme and also some wine
Time for friends, family and lots of cheer
I hope everyone away on holiday will return safe

Substance In Life

Another day another dollar
We go to work every day
Not in this do we have a say
I say – why bother?


I want to write about something
I need to write about something
my mind is blank but I know within there is something
Something or nothing? - It's a blank

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