My Precious Rose Poem by Michael P. McParland

My Precious Rose

Rating: 3.3

My precious rose has grown and blossomed
into the most magnificent woman I've ever known.
A true Angel full of bright caring love,
my sweet darling whom I hold so high
and treasure as the most precious of all jewels.

My precious rose how I adore you so.
The biggest most bright and flawless
delicate flowered spirit of my dreams.
My God my God you are my guiding light,
the northern star who to me is everything.

My precious rose and only true desired one,
please come take my hand and be my bride.
So then on our special night we'll couple
becoming the strongest spirit of one.
You are the greatest Angel and beautiful
woman I have ever known.

My precious rose who's spirit is the
most delicate bloom of great beauty rarely known
I love you so in which depths and
ways which only you can understand and know.
For all eternities I am only yours forevermore.

My Precious Rose
Sunday, January 4, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: true love
This is inspired by my wonderful poet friend here Sandra Feldman. Her wonderful poems got my mind working thinking of the beauty of the woman I love KP whom I'll love forever. Thank you Sandra for your beautiful words that have inspired this piece. I know Kira would thank you sincerely too.
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