Morning Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar


Rating: 3.8

The mist has left the greening plain,
The dew-drops shine like fairy rain,
The coquette rose awakes again
Her lovely self adorning.

The Wind is hiding in the trees,
A sighing, soothing, laughing tease,
Until the rose says "Kiss me, please,"
'Tis morning, 'tis morning.

With staff in hand and careless-free,
The wanderer fares right jauntily,
For towns and houses are, thinks he,
For scorning, for scorning.
My soul is swift upon the wing,
And in its deeps a song I bring;
Come, Love, and we together sing,
"'Tis morning, 'tis morning."

Kevin Straw 23 September 2009

The wind hides in the trees till the rose says kiss me please? Mental and emotional mush.

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Liliana ~el 23 September 2013

Pretty... :)

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 23 September 2014

Poet here try to put the musical magical effect by using alliteration and onomatopoeia.. Her lovely self adorning.'Tis morning, 'tis morning.//sighing, soothing, laughing sound can be heard from far lovely

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Rajaram Subedi 23 September 2012

Excellent quite of the morning view

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Ramesh T A 23 September 2011

The poem says about morning glory in a beautiful way and kisses the heart of all!

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Rose no 18 August 2023

Wow the last comment was an entire decade ago lol, nice poem though

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Dr Antony Theodore 29 November 2020

The Wind is hiding in the trees, A sighing, soothing, laughing tease, Until the rose says " Kiss me, please, " 'Tis morning, 'tis morning. kiss me please says the rose. tony

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Margeret Downes-minger 05 July 2015

What a great poem and poet! !

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La Gail 23 September 2014

very vivid. I have yet to portray my writing into a picture

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Michelle Claus 23 September 2014

My favorite portion of this pretty poem is in the final stanza, where the nameless wanderer eschews the convention and containment of houses and towns. I feel that all the poem was written around this nomadic freedom.

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